Hinduism Outside of India

This blog post at the Huffington Post discusses the minority Hindu population that exists outside of India. The writer is Murali Balaji, and he seems to think that the current system of educating students about Hinduism relies too heavily on India, or at least that it does not adequately represent the Hindu minorities that are outside of India. Now this article may seem to be a bit ironic considering our class is Asian Religions in America, with special regards to Hinduism and Buddhism, but he does have a point. There really is not much discussion about non-Indian Hinduism, both geographically and racially. I would posit the theory that this could be because they are not nearly as acknowledged by their homeland as a proselytizing faith such as Christianity. In Christianity, conversions are celebrated, while in India, being predominantly Hindu, anti-conversion laws are being constantly pushed. It is common knowledge, and is even acknowledged by the writer, that many Hindus do not acknowledge non-Indians as being “true” Hindus. Perhaps the lack of support from the majority is stifling the voice of the minority?


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