Religious Intolerance in America

How is America supporting Asian religions? Is there religious tolerance for Asian Americans? How many Mosques and temples are built in the U.S.? Are there organizations set up to help those in this religious minority? These are the questions I am asking myself. This is my research proposal, which is similar to one of my earlier posts. With a quick Google search I have found a few stats on temples in the U.S and organizations. I want to paint a clear picture of how America views Asian religions. We are a “free” country and we pride ourselves on the four basic freedoms found in the Bill of Rights First Amendment: Freedom of religion, press, speech, and assembly. Americans have a political freedom of religion, but do those in the religions minority truly have freedom to worship? This article has a summery of violent attacks in the U.S. on Mosques alone. There are over 200 attacks listed here. In my opinion this is too many. I plan on researching the religious intolerance in America and the organizations who are trying to put an end to this intolerance.


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