Strengthen Your Spirit and Your Core ! : A Parody of American Attitudes Towards Asian Religions

The above image is from a little site called The Onion– maybe you’ve heard of it? Quite obviously famed for its humorous, mocking take on the world around us, this particular graphic tackled a topic that has become quite familiar to us. How often in class have we come to discuss different types of yoga and the ways in which they’ve been appropriated to mean something entirely different? Just today I saw an ad for ‘hot yoga’ which flaunted its abilities to work your core and your spirituality  and to strengthen each in turn. The graphic is a succinct, amusing way to bring to light the fact that for many people ‘Asian religions’ mean yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other ways in which it has been boiled down into an accessible morning class at your local gym.


About mghartley

An anthropologist of religion (in the making) with a focused interest in East Asia (specifically the mudang of Korea) and an abiding love for folklore and mythology. Student of Korean (and sometimes French and Japanese) with an interest in linguistics and culture.

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