Hindu and Jewish Parallels

This article is analogous to what I am currently investigating for my research project. I am attempting to find as much information as I can on why some people who identify as Hindus exclude from their religious group others who also identify themselves as Hindus. In this article, there are a myriad of reasons why a person who considers themselves to be Jewish person considers themselves or others as Jewish, and why they do not. For me, there are some obvious parallels between Hinduism and Judaism. For instance, some individuals consider Jewishness to be an ethnic trait, and the same can be said for Hindus. Also interesting is that there is a significant Hindu population that identify themselves as Hindu, but yet have no religious affiliation other than their ancestral ties. The same is true of Judaism (These are the much discussed Nones, who are of special relevance to this blog site). There is at least one key idea that I hope to take away from this article, though. And that is the distinction between religions and culture is largely from Protestant influence, and neither of the two groups mentioned fall into either category exclusively, which can be problematic if you can’t think of religion other than in the traditional manner.


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