India-Pakistan Conflict

This article gives some recent information on the developments in the India-Pakistan conflicts recently. At first I was just thinking that it was a pretty small scale conflict, and that this is just what happens in that region, but then I read this article, which states that Indian forces have fired 59,000 rounds of ammunition and over 4,000 mortars. Now 4,000 mortars is a whole lot of potential damage, and that is just the attacks from India. Whenever nations who both have nuclear weapons clash like this it is always frightening. It is believed that these conflicts are the result of disputes over Kashmir,  which I found has a significant Muslim majority even in the Indian controlled areas. I was curious as to why these nations would fight over this country so violently with such potentially severe costs, so I looked around a bit. Now with my basic understanding I knew that the Partition of India was intended by the British to accommodate religious differences between India and Pakistan. With this in mind, it is understandable that Pakistan would want to take Kashmir as part of Pakistan because it is majority Muslim, but no country wants to give up land, which explains India’s resistance. It just seems like a bad situation with no easy reconciliation in the near future.


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