“Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?”

       One of the premier critiques of religion is this oft stated question. This article by a young stroke survivor relates a tale that asks this question. She has a positive outlook on life after her suffering, but she has doubts about one of the key tenants of her religion. The ugly truth, according to the author, is that Karma is not real. I am not one to judge the truth or falsity of her claim, but I can acknowledge the problem she posits is almost universal for other religions. It is interesting that if you read the comments section, several people have given her answers that will accommodate her new found view of Karma, that it doesn’t exist, while keeping her religious identity intact.


2 thoughts on ““Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?”

  1. I think may people choose to believe that Karma is untrue. I just look at it as a law of balancing. What goes around, comes around. LIke the image you used, visualizes the concept of Karma perfectly.

    1. In my interpretation of the Huffington Post article, I would argue that she believes that there is no law of balancing. She has done nothing that would warrant what came around to her. Metaphorically speaking, she did not push the domino so it should not fall on her. Since it did fall on her she believes Karma, and by extension the law of balancing you envision, are false.

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