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Korean Church of True Light

I have interviewed Pastor Kim from the Korean Church of True Light here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. For my research paper I am gathering the history and general information about this church.

Three years ago a few members of a local protestant church split to form the Korean Church of True Light. While searching for a building to call their own, they held service in a local park. Soon after their split they formed a partnership with Calvary Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa.

They currently use the old chapel adjacent to the main building of Calvary Baptist. Pastor Kim has been the senior pastor here for one year. He says, “God knows my heart. He put me in a place I love and can do God’s work”.


Interfaith or America How To?

I found this article about a married couple, consisting of a Baptist minister and a Hindu monk, who wrote a book called Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk.  According to this article 27 percent of Americans are married to or live with a partner of a different religious faith.

Amazon describes the book as a story of a “East-meets-West partnership.”  While the couple’s individual identities seem to be wrapped up in their religious identity I do not see this as the East meeting the West but as two Americans and the success of eHarmony.  Hindu does not equal East as Baptist does not equal West.  (People are Baptist and Hindu in many places all over the world).  I will go further and say there is no East or West.  There are just two parts of the ‘American’ imagination of itself and of the other.