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“Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?”

       One of the premier critiques of religion is this oft stated question. This article by a young stroke survivor relates a tale that asks this question. She has a positive outlook on life after her suffering, but she has doubts about one of the key tenants of her religion. The ugly truth, according to the author, is that Karma is not real. I am not one to judge the truth or falsity of her claim, but I can acknowledge the problem she posits is almost universal for other religions. It is interesting that if you read the comments section, several people have given her answers that will accommodate her new found view of Karma, that it doesn’t exist, while keeping her religious identity intact.


Buddhism and Technology


The author of this article, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, gives a Buddhist insight on technology. He points out that Technology can be a good or bad thing. If we lack vision, technology can attack our weaknesses and distract us from nowness. Technology can numb our senses and drain us of energy. On the other hand technology has positive affects. He gives positive examples such as feeling uplifted, informed or delighted. Rinpoche then explains that the five basic parameters of karma are still in place even though technology has advanced our ability to communicate. These parameters include: raising the intention, deciding to do the action, preparing to do the action, doing the action and having no regret. As you send the “send” button, karma is initiated. He states, “In the modern era we need to be even more convinced of virtue, having resolve in terms of who we are and how we want to manifest. Generally, the best approach with technology is to consider out dignity and concern for others.” In his closing statements he urges people to cherish the mind and remain mindful of our principles and priorities.